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Michigan City
March 24, 2017

Anon’s Story: “Second Time I’ve Been…

I was outside just minding my own business, when this green, 1997 Saturn sedan full of young adults drove past and one man smiled and yelled, "F*CKIN' B*TCH!" while the female companion in the back smiled nicely and did nothing, and then drove off. This is the second time I have been verbally harassed while living at Weatherstone Village.
June 1, 2016

Sarah’s Story: I was unnerved, really…

I was downtown and had just enough time to stop at one of my favorite stores to pick up a birthday present for my friend and take a cab to a meeting I had at 2pm. I got hailed a cab on the street and felt like something was amiss with the one that picked me up but ignored my instincts. The guy looked up my skirt as I was…
Wheatley Hill
December 21, 2015

You can’t prepare for that… Kara’s…

I'd heard horror stories of this kind of thing happening on public transit before, but it had never happened to me personally until that night. I was on my way to see a friend's Christmas play, and I had one more stop to go. The train car I was in had emptied a little bit at each stop, and no one new had gotten on for about three stops. I…


International Street Harassment Survey

Hollaback is a movement to end street harassment powered by a network of local activists around the world. Hollaback has teamed up with Cornell University’s ILR School professor Beth Livingston to study the experiences and impacts of street harassment internationally, through cooperation with Hollaback’s many local activism sites. What are we doing? In October, we … Continued

WBEZ’s Natalie Moore takes on Street Harassment

Hey all! Our Chicago site leader, Katie Davis, was interviewed by Natalie Moore about Street Harassment in Chicago as part of International Anti-Street Harassment Week. Here’s her whole article:

You don’t have my back?

Anyone else have stories of friends or partners not having your back when you’ve told them your story of street harassment? I find this particularly interesting (and alarming) and would love to hear other people’s stories regarding this issue.