Sarah’s Story: I was unnerved, really unnerved.

I was downtown and had just enough time to stop at one of my favorite stores to pick up a birthday present for my friend and take a cab to a meeting I had at 2pm. I got hailed a cab on the street and felt like something was amiss with the one that picked me up but ignored my instincts.

The guy looked up my skirt as I was climbing into the cab (hate to say it but this is one of the reasons I always wear shorts underneath any skirt that I wear). Again, I ignored my instincts and was gave him the benefit of the doubt. Soon I noticed that he didn’t have the sign posted that all cabs in Chicago are required to have posted in his cab, so I texted my friend that I was meeting with to tell her that I was in a sketchy situation and was on my way because at that point I was worried.

The guy was not wearing a seat belt and kept making odd movements that made me think he might be high. He had a¬†flag decorative rope hanging off of his dashboard. He had a taxi meter like they have in real cabs. I paid him with my credit card, which he used with a Clover / Square device. He asked me to put in my phone number but I put in my email to get a receipt instead. When I was signing, he started telling me that I was very attractive and when I didn’t respond asked if I’d heard what he said, that I was a very attractive woman. I said that he was being really inappropriate and that I was getting out of there. He said that he’d see me next time.

When I got out I looked for his cab number (the van was painted yellow so it looked like a real cab) and of course it was “6969”. Not a real number. Unfortunately I didn’t get his license plate to be able to report him. But I was unnerved, really unnerved to potentially have left my information with him, and glad when I was out of his vehicle.