Hollaback! is an international campaign dedicated to ending street harassment using mobile technology, media advocacy, and policy. Hollaback is the first forum for Chicagoans to have a dialogue about unwanted comments, inappropriate looks, groping, and all other types of harassment.


The goals of the Hollaback! project are: first, to give women and LGBTQ folks an empowered response to street harassment, and second, to raise awareness about street harassment so that it can be stopped, one story at a time.  Street harassment is far too common [Street harassment is one of the most pervasive forms of gender-based violence and one of the least legislated against.]. It is violence, and it’s not ok. The Hollaback! movement is converting the sense of powerlessness into action by offering up the space to share the details of a violating experience. Readers will be inspired to share, rather than internalize, normalize, or accept the violence.


With awareness of Hollaback! and the Hollaback! community, victims can shift the power-dynamic of an harassing situation by posting directly to the website or by using the Hollaback! iPhone or Android app to easily snap a photo to upload with their story as it happens. Each story, photo, or mapped location describing an instance of sexual harassment, is a small step towards ending street harassment.


Chicago is more than capable of ending street harassment. Hollaback! is an accessible social tool within all of our hands that gives each of us ownership of our time, and our city.