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What did you say?!

I was out w/ my bf and his friends when I all the sudden started feeling overwhelmed and tired (it was late and I had a rough week). So I told my bf I’m gonna head back home alone and will text him once I’m back. Once at the station, I get up to the … Continued

Is it so hard to mind your own business?

I had errands to run in town before my orchestra rehearsal, and I didn’t want to leave my instrument in the car, so I slung my violin case over my shoulder and went along my business. I’ve been playing the violin for years so I’ve become kind of oblivious to the fact that that’s not … Continued

“How much?”

I was walking home a few years ago around midnight when an SUV full of teenage boys pulled up to me as I was about to cross the street. “How much?” One of them asked. I glared at him and kept walking faster. I did make it home but I should have taken down the … Continued

Creepy CTA driver.

As I was boarding a bus, the driver said, “I like how you stopped the bus, showing a little leg.” I said, “No I don’t understand,” twice while paying my fare. I then moved as far away from the driver as possible. It´s my right to wear anything I want without comments like that. I’ve … Continued

Verbal harassment from entire group

My group of friends were walking me home late on a Friday night. We were in a residential area with fewer street lights, and a large SUV pulled up next to us with men screaming at us. They continued to drive next to us and shout vulgar invitations until we reached a more crowded intersection. … Continued

Happy Monday…

I was walking East on Cortland, my usual route to catch the Metra. I typically see lots of runners/bikers in the morning, but it was cold and not a lot of people were out. I heard a bike coming up behind me so I moved over on the sidewalk so he could pass, but he … Continued

Entitled “good guy” is the worst.

This weekend, I went out dancing with my friends to our favorite spot. While I was standing with a group of girls, a man walked by me and grabbed me and my friend’s butts, a whole palm squeeze. I chased after him and verbally confronted him, yelling in his face he didn’t get to walk … Continued

I know you can hear me

I was walking to the bus at 9:45pm and a man began yelling at me from across the street to come and talk to him. At first I did not respond because I assumed he was talking to someone else. When he continued I replied that I was catching a bus and began to head … Continued